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How do I manage my account & see order information?

It's easy to manage your account and see you orders. Just go to the top right of the site and click "sign in". Register for a new account using the same email you used during the checkout, or log-in if you've already created an account. Once you log-

How do I cancel my subscription?

Nooo don't leave us! We're sad to see you go, but if you must cancel, you can easily cancel your subscription by logging into your account. From there you can easily cancel your subscription after logging into your account.  Signature Snakku Box:

Can I just purchase one box without subscribing?

Yup, it's really easy to get a one-time Snakku box that doesn't auto-renew. Just go to our site and click on "GIFT" on the header. All of the gift box options don't auto-renew.

Can I skip a box in a subscription?

Yup, that's very easy. If you ordered a 1 Month Subscription or a Tasting Box Subscription: Just log into your account and click "Delivery Schedule" on the left. From there, you'll see all the upcoming months that you are subscribed for. If you want

I'm missing snacks in my box!

We're so sorry! We'll make it right. Just contact us at [email protected] and we'll make sure you get everything.

My box is damaged and/or snacks in my box are broken

We try our best to package the Snakku boxes so it can withstand the journey to your place. We understand that each box goes through its own unique journey and may be dropped, tossed, or endure additional stress.  The snacks can be fragile or temperat