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What's inside the box?

Every Snakku box is carefully curated to offer you the perfect mix of both savory and sweet Japanese snacks.

Each month, the Snakku box are based around a theme. The themes can be based on a season/holiday of Japan, a specific type of authentic snack, a region of Japan, or a specific local snack store. Check out our past boxes here. We'll share with you the theme (and a sneak peak of the snacks) for the upcoming boxes a few days before the order cut-off date.

We offer two types of boxes. The Original Snakku Box and the smaller Tasting Box.

The Original Snakku Box comes with:

  • 10-15 different types of snacks (usually at least 2 of each type, so in total nearly 30 pieces of snacks)
  • High quality postcard describing the snacks & the story behind them
  • Your box will be wrapped in a reusable, beautifully designed paper furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth)
  • How-To Furoshiki guide, so you can continue reusing your furoshiki in lots of different ways

The Tasting Box comes with:

  • 5-7 different types of expertly curated Japanese snacks (with usually more than 1 piece of each type)
  • High quality postcard describing the snacks & the local snack makers
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