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What is Snakku and how is it different?

Snakku is unlike any other snack subscription service. It is the ONLY Japanese snack subscription box that gets its snacks directly from local snack makers in Japan.

  • Found Only in Japan: We get you the best authentic snacks that are only available in Japan. The other subscriptions services all include generic mass produced snacks that are sold in any Asian grocery stores near you and work with food distributors located in the USA. Snakku is the only service that work directly with the local snack makers in Japan to bring unique, delicious snacks are that only available in Japan (and through Snakku).

  • Supporting Local Stores: You help sustain local snack shops, some of whom have been around for 100+ years! These stores have been passed down through the generation and still hand-make their snacks.

  • Experience Japanese Service: You'll be treated with the amazing service and attention to detail that Japan is renowned for. You'll not only receive a beautifully packaged authentic snack experience, but will also receive exclusive travel guides, recipes, and much more! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - no questions asked.


Testimonials from Our Customers:

"I look forward to this box every month. I used to subscribe to several Japanese snack boxes and this is they only one I have kept. I really like that it is not candy, I enjoy the variety of the snacks especially the rice crackers. I have a hard time not eating them all in one go. Each box is better then the last. I need a bigger box!!!!" - Lisa (switched from other Japanese snack boxes)

" I was surprised by how many snacks there were - other subscription boxes I've gotten had only half as much. This snack experience is unique, authentic, and most importantly delicious. Highly recommended." - Mina (current customer)

"Snakku is one of those boxes that has the ability to redefine an entire genre." - BeejuBoxes (subscription box reviewer)

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